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The first city in Russia with it's own phone number.
Get connected to locals and talk about anything in English.

The call will be charged at international rates.  Please check with your provider for actual call cost to St. Petersburg, Russia.
"The Petersburg Number" is operated by MegaFon.

The Petersburg Number

For more video and information about St. Petersburg please visit visit-petersburg.ru

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 Frequently asked questions

Who is behind the Project?

A random citizen from St. Petersburg, Victoria Evdokimova brought this project to life. Inspired by Sweden’s original concept “The Swedish Number”, the “The Petersburg Project” was born. Information partner of the project is the Tourism Committee of St. Petersburg. Telephone number and technical support provided by MegaFon.

​How much does it cost?

Please check with your provider for actual call costs to St. Petersbug. "The Petersburg Number" is operated by MegaFon. No extra fees or charges will ever be added to your call from us.

Who is answering my calls?

Anyone who lives in St. Petersburg may answer the call and become an ambassador. The chances that you'll be connected to the same local twice are small, as you'll get a different part of St. Petersburg every time you call, so don't forget to ask for your new friend's contacts if you want to stay in touch!

Is my phone number shared?

You are completely anonymous and your private number is never shared. All calls are routed through a switchboard. So don't forget to exchange your real contacts with someone you've liked.

Are the calls recorded?

Calls to The Petersburg Number may be recorded for security reasons. If someone reports a specific call, we can listen to the call and unregister any user who violates Russian law.

What time zone is St. Petersburg in?

St.Petersburg is in the GMT+03:00 time zone, you are welcome to call at anytime, but we might be asleep, even if it's White Nights period. Please, don't call us when we sleep! :)

How do I say "Hi" in Russian? Will Russian people understand my English?

Just say "Privet". Just say “Privet!” You will be connected to a local who speaks English and wants to talk to a foreigner from anywhere in the world.

How does it work?

When someone outside of Russia calls The Petersburg Number, a telephone switchboard randomly connects the call to a local somewhere in St. Petersburg.

For other questions please feel free to write info@callstpetersburg.ru